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Now just because Vinny, Cerrato is out doesn’t automatically make a 4-9 team Superbowl contenders. But the Redskins have already hired Bruce Allen to replace Cerrato. Allen is the son of former Redskins head coach George Allen and has worked with both Oakland and Tampa Bay. That makes me think that Jon Gruden is the likely target for the Redskins next head coaching job. The Redskins wasted little time selecting Allen, on a weekend where the Redskins are hosting a Monday Night Football game against the Giants (meaning both Gruden and ESPN will be in town all weekend long).

In Allen’s 5 seasons as the Buccaneers General Manager, the team has had some up and down seasons, including two 9-7 finishes, two NFC South championships and one 4-11 finish. While under Allen, the Buccaneers averaged 9 draft picks per season. Allen was also credited with the questionable youth movement that took place after the Buccaneers released Pro-Bowlers John Lynch and Warren Sapp, opting to build their team through the draft, with picks like RB Cadillac Williams, WR Antonio Bryant, DE Gaines Adams, CB, Aqui Talib (who had 3 interceptions in his game against the Redskins this year). Allen also selected 8 different offensive linemen during those 5 seasons as GM, a position the Redskins have forgotten to draft.

There have also been rumors about cleaning out the entire Redskins personel office and letting the new coach make the final decision about who will join one. One name that makes sense in Washington would be the addition of former Redskins Quarterback Doug Williams, who has held a similar role with Bruce Allen down in the Buccaneers front office. Some Redskins reporters are confident that Gruden will not leave ESPN after signing a contract extention, but it sure does look like the Redskins are building a front office that Gruden would be very familiar with.

So with the addition of a new GM provides all the Redskins fans with new hope, a new list of obscure stats to reference and another offseason of dreams of returning to the glory days.